André Breton, Paul Eluard & Salvador Dalí


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Introduced by Antony Melville. Translated by Jon Graham.

Perhaps the most important Surrealist automatic text, The Immaculate Conception (1930) traces the interior and exterior life of man from Conception and Intra-Uterine Life to Death and The Original Judgement. The central section is a celebrated series of “simulations” of various types of mental instability.

Maurice Nadeau (in The History of Surrealism) described the book as “An astonishing series of poems in prose, more brilliant than those of either Breton or Eluard on his own … if all that remained of the Surrealist movement were the pages of The Immaculate Conception, man, alerted, could not turn away from the astounding mystery of his condition.”

Later reprinted as part of The Automatic Message, the available copies for sale are from the first printing in 1990, in a slightly different cover to the second.



1990, ISBN: 0-947757-22-8, 122pp, paperback.
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