Pol Bury


Out of print.

Translated by Terry Hale.

Pol Bury (1922-2005) was an associate of COBRA and a regent of the Collège de ’Pataphysique: this publication consists of a re-editing of two titles published by Daily Bul, the artists’ book publisher he co-founded.

A guide to “Fortuitous” museums and their collections, here we find works such as paintings executed in water-colour suspended in butter (Museum of the Hole, Milan) or a museum in Los Angeles devoted to “mimetic art”, containing such works as Dubois’s “Abandoned Pump”, (plum jelly on wood). Dubois, we discover,  “was the first painter to express what for many would become a constant obsession: authentic gesticulation. It was in 1910 that he waved his arms in this direction for the first time…”

Each Museum and art-work is depicted — the conventional history of modern art never seemed so boring before….

Atlas Press, The Printed Head III, number 6, limited to 300 numbered copies.


1996, ISBN: 0-947757-82-1, 64pp, paperbound.
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