Paul Etienne Lincoln

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An exploration by the artist himself of eight “often fantastic machines that function very precisely, for specific periods of time, in order to generate poetic phenomena” from the past 35 years, one of his earliest being the justly famous allegorical representation of the court of Louis XV operated by snails and bees. This collection documents a fully operational zero-pollution sports car that runs on laughing gas and linseed oil, a mechanical pig whose teats when tugged operate an internal musical organ, an investigation of memory and euphoria using extremes of atmospheric pressure (involving an accordion made of glass), a symphony of bird calls determined by the composition of a Turinese alcoholic beverage, an ode to New York created by the interaction of a refrigerator and boiler that produces dollar bills as slivers of ice etc.The introduction situates these works within the Pataphysics of games, rules and inutility.

The London Institute of ’Pataphysics, Journal 2, Gidouille 138, 499 numbered copies.


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Dimensions 16 × 24 cm