Achim Von Arnim


Out of print, very few copies.

Translated by Alan Brown.

“The most celebrated novella of this giant of German Romanticism. Arnim is surrealist, absolutely.” (André Breton) Achim von Arnim (1781 – 1831) was one of the chief figures of the German Romantic movement and his writings are revolutionary through their depiction of alienation due to their oneiric confusion of reality and the supernatural, the perfect and most extraordinary exemplars of “Romantic irony.” His novella Die Majoratsherren (1820), here translated, is perhaps his greatest work. Arnim was much admired by the Surrealists through the volume of his stories translated by Theophile Gautier and Breton wrote a foreword to the 1923 edition of this collection, which was illustrated by Valentine Hugo.

Atlas Press, The Printed Head I, number 1, 250 numbered copies.


1991, ISBN: 0-947757-39-2, 44pp, stapled booklet in paper wrappers.
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