Alastair Brotchie, Malcolm Green & (editors)
Atlas Anthology 3


Out of print, very few copies.

The third production from Atlas, the third general anthology and the first book to be actually typeset (a very expensive business in those days).

Texts by Artmann, Albert-Birot, Bayer, Bettencourt, Blegvad, Breton, Brisset, Brus, Crevel, Gascoyne, Jarry, Kraus, Lorrain, Mathews, Meyrink, Pasolini, Perec, Peret, Panizza, Queneau, Rigaut, Roussel, Scheerbart, Shiel, Schwitters, Vian, Wainhouse, Walser, Zurn.

Complete contents list available on request.

1985, ISBN: 0-947757-04-X, 224pp, paperback.
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