We aim to send mail-order books within a week but please allow up to ten working days. Certain online retailers claim to deliver books almost immediately, but the convenience of this is bought at a very heavy cost to their staff and suppliers: we have no intention of operating in this way, so we ask for your understanding. If you do not receive your books within this period (plus the actual mailing time), please write to:

We mail using robust purpose-made book packaging.

Foreign orders are sent by airmail and domestic by first-class post.

Orders worth over £100 will be sent by tracked post and will need to be signed for.

Multiple book orders are aggregated by weight so as to keep postal costs as low as we can. (Even so, the prices now charged for mailing from the UK can seem absurdly high, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this.) The maximum we can send automatically is 2 kilos. So if your order comes to more than that the site will not accept the order. You can then either split your order so that we send several parcels, or contact us about a special mailing at the email above.

Use this email for any other order queries or for trade orders for titles that are not handled by our distributors.

Apologies, but we do not ship to Brazil or Mexico, due to a high proportion of lost parcels in the past. Parcels sent to Canada seem to take much longer than to anywhere else!