Albert Ehrenstein


Out of print, very few copies indeed.

Translated by Malcolm Green.

Tubutsch made Ehrenstein famous, achieving five figure sales and goingthrough numerous editions. It was written in 1907, published in 1911 and its mix of bitter humour, self-reproach and poverty-stricken megalomania were reflections of aspects of its author — Ehrenstein was something of a loner and travelled continuously after 1918, despite his financial plight. Only in his last years did he settle down (involuntarily) and poverty and isolation finally caught up with him in New York, where he died in 1950. Despite his melancholic nature Ehrenstein was also a political activist: a radical socialist, he co-founded the Anti-Nationalist Socialist Party in 1918, and later the left-wing writer’s group Gruppe 1925 with Brecht and Döblin. Tubutsch was the most highly regarded work within the German Expressionist movement and this is the first translation into English.

Atlas Press, The Printed Head I, number 3, 250 numbered copies.


1991, ISBN: 0-947757-34-1, 26pp, stapled booklet in paper wrappers.
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