Günter Brus


Out of print, very few copies indeed.

Translated by Malcolm Green.

Five unpublished picturepoem texts from the great Vienna actionist.

Günter Brus, born in 1938 in Ardning, Austria, was prominent among the Vienna Actionists in the mid-sixties. His solo actions were characterised by an intensity and physical involvement which transcended mere provocation: not only did they question the validity of artistic expression in the face of the bodily nature of societal repression, they also took him beyond the barriers of taboo and revolution to an auto-investigation of the metaphysical structure of the body.

Brus withdrew from Actionism in 1970 and devoting himself to drawing, writing and his own unique synthesis, the Bild-Dichtung (Picture-Poem). Far from being a step backwards, his present production can be seen as a development of the Actions: able to sink into a trance at will, his work charts a revealed realm of myth and reality, philosophy and dream, word and picture.

Atlas Press, The Printed Head I, number 12, 250 numbered copies.

1991, ISBN: 0-947757-43-0, 46pp, stapled booklet.
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