Gustav Th. Fechner & Alfred Jarry

This work by Gustave Fechner, cited in Bergson’s lectures attended by Jarry, was essential to the latter’s formulation of the science of Pataphysics, most notably by its introduction of the principle of the equivalence of opposites — but Fechner’s text has a dry humour and a scientific poetry that make it a desirable addition to any pataphysician’s library. Profusely illustrated by angels “antique, occasional and bespoke”, it is accompanied by the first translation of Jarry’s supposed review of the works of the artist Charles Filiger, in which Fechner’s text is expanded upon.

The London Institute of ’Pataphysics, Journal 1, Sable 138, with additional texts by Alfred Jarry, Robert Irwin &c., 345 numbered copies.


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Dimensions 16 × 24 cm