Federico Garcia Lorca


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Edited, introduced and translated by John London.

Lorca’s plays, such as Blood Wedding and The House of Bernarda Alba, are known to theatre audiences all over the western world, but rarely has there been an author so misrepresented by an incomplete awareness of his writing. Lorca was murdered by Nationalist sympathisers at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil war in 1936 and it was fifty years before the vision he developed in his dialogues and unfinished projects was realised in theatre or on film.

These short pieces provide an alternative repertoire to Lorca’s better known plays and their avant-garde properties frequently challenge the very definition of stage performance. At times, punctuation replaces speech, cinematic images become integral to stage directions and, in the surviving act of his revolutionary drama The Dream of Life, the theatre itself is destroyed.

Atlas Press, originally published as The Printed Head IV, number 1.


1996, ISBN: 0-947757-94-5, 128pp, paperback.
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