Alfred Jarry

Out of print, very few copies indeed.

Edited by Alastair Brotchie & Paul Edwards. Translated by Paul Edwards & Antony Melville.

We have a handful of copies of this title remaining, and there are no plans to reprint it within the next few years. An “anthology” of shorter texts by Jarry planned for 2020 or 2021 will include a number of pieces from this volume however.

The first of two published volumes of Jarry’s “Collected Works”, this volume presents his first two books, Black Minutes of Memorial Sand and Caesar-Antichrist, two apocalyptic Symbolist texts which already signal their self-destruction through the presence of Ubu. A series of essays follows: aesthetic (Time in Art), philosophical (To Be and To Live), political (perhaps: Visions of the Present and Future), and concludes with his famous treatise on how to actually construct a time machine (convincing enough to be taken seriously by contemporary scientists). Jarry’s own selection of his speculative journalism completes this volume.

Atlas Anti-classic 8.

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